Drug Combinations to Circumvent Resistance (D2CR): One of 5 U54 NCI Drug Resistance and Sensitivity Centers (DRSC), D2CR is focused on Acute myeloid leukemia. Dr. McWeeney leads (dual PI mechanism) Projects 1 and 2.
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BeatAML: Dr. McWeeney is the Computational Biomedicine Lead for the OHSU Beat AML consortium. Her group led the data coordination, analysis, visualization and computational modeling for the largest cancer dataset of its kind for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The study, “Functional Genomic Landscape of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia,” was published in Nature (2018).
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Illuminating molecular targetable pathways in HNSCC: Dr. McWeeney is the PI (dual PI mechanism) of this NCI funded R01 to utilize existing drugs to define new agents and combinations of agents to treat HNSCC, a disease with unchanged survival rates for four decades in need of new approaches, tools and perspectives. This leverages the computational approaches to mine the functional and genomic data that our group pioneered from the BEATAML study.

System Immunogenetics: Drs. McWeeney and Mooney co-lead the systems modeling for this NIAID funded program which provides an unprecedented resource for understanding how host genetic variation impacts immune and disease responses across multiple viral pathogens.