2019 Spring and Summer Internship Program
Great opportunity for funded, hands-on research experience in Data Science!



Division of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Ms and PhD program Training needed for a career in Bioinformatics is interdisciplinary and draws from computer science, statistics and genetics. At OHSU, the Division of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology offers a rigorous and innovative curriculum designed with emphasis on the quantitative foundation necessary for the development and domain-specific application of data-analytical and theoretical methods, mathematical modeling and computational simulation techniques to address key research bottlenecks and move the clinical and translation enterprise forward. Active areas of study include: data analysis and integration methods for functional genomics, statistical genetics, systems biology, text mining and information retrieval, imaging and computational neuroscience.

The MS and PhD program is dynamic and responsive, offering our students a unique educational opportunityand allowing us to dispense the key concepts and methodologies that will be relevant for the next generation of technology and medicine. One of the strengths of our program, which sets it apart nationally, is the active engagement in our health sciences setting which allows students to gain an understanding of how various computational approaches can be applied in a clinical/translational setting.

Contact the Lauren Ludwig, Admissions & Recruiting Officer, for more information by e-mail ( or phone 503.494.2252.

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